Summer English Practice June-September 2022

We are now on Summer Break! Teacher Karin will not be teaching during the summer.  If you would like to practice English in the summer, go to the links posted below.  This blog will be here all summer.

Snoopy - Officially on Summer vacation. | Facebook
English Classes Start:  SEPTEMBER 12th

Teacher Karin will post on Facebook (and call you) to let you know about September classes. 

Have a safe and happy summer! 

Fun Activities in Windsor Area: Click Here for Fun Activities

        Link: Grammar Exercises
        Link: Learning Games

Sentence Writing
        Link: Basics of Sentences Video
        Link: Scrambles Sentences

Vocabulary Builder
         Link: Vocabulary Words
         Link: Vocabulary Quizzes

Reading Stories
        Link: Rong Chang Stories
        Link: Level 3 Reading
        Link: Bow Valley Reading Books

Listening Conversations
        Link: Listening Conversations
        Link: Video Conversations

Canadian Citizenship
        Link: Citizenship Study Guide - Discover Book
        Link: Canada Geography Quiz
        Link: Citizenship Practice Test
            Click on: "Ace the Test" then "Online Quiz"
            Go to: "Random Quiz"
            Province:  Ontario
            Questions: type how many you would like to practice (25)
            Remember: If you click on "Hint" it will take away one wrong answer